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Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking weekend

I decided since I am unable to go anywhere this weekend I will bake. Maybe experiment some and use some tried and true recipes. My passion is cooking AND baking. I love both but there was a time I thought that I could only cook and baking was big and scary!
This weekend I will be making chocolate zuccini cake. Our local farmers market had bags of LARGE zuccini for $1.00 so I bought two. I need to use that up quick.
Right now I have homemade twinkie cakes in the oven. I do miss a good Twinkie now and then but don't miss all the  junk they put into it. Homemade it is! In the past I have made homemade Suzi-Q's. Remember those? Chocolate cake surrounding a creamy goodness middle. mmmm I love those and the great thing is it's made out of a 9x13 cake, so there is plenty to go around. I made it dairy free which is great for some of your dairy allergic or intolerant. Its also soy free, peanut/ tree nut free and maybe soon I will get brave and try gluten free. I will post that recipe this weekend for you all to try.
Well I better get my bake on and make the filling for these twinkie cakes. Happy weekend!

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